Aluminum Conductor Cable

Aluminum Conductor Cable

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The aluminum conductor produced by ZMS has world-class quality.
Since its establishment decades, the company has always had an excellent reputation in the cable industry.
The aluminum cables produced by ZMS have buyers all over the world. And the repurchase rate is quite high. 

Advantages of ZMS's Aluminum Conductor Cable

1. Cheaper price: lower than the price of copper.
2. Lightweight: the weight of the aluminum core cable is very light, which greatly reduces the cost of transportation and construction
3. Good chemical properties: strong oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. This makes aluminum core cables widely used in the field of high-voltage wires for overhead power transmission.

Definition of Aluminum Conductor

The aluminum conductor is a general term for aluminum core cable and aluminum alloy cable.
But there is a big difference between aluminum core cable and aluminum alloy cable.
An aluminum core cable refers to a cable made of aluminum as a conductor material.
Aluminum alloy cable refers to a cable made of aluminum alloy as a conductor material. 

Application Field of Aluminum Conductor

The biggest advantage of aluminum cable is its low price. Therefore, it can be widely used in temporary employment sites such as temporary construction sites.

Model Naming of Aluminum Conductor

VLV: Aluminum core PVC insulated PVC sheathed cable
VLV22: Aluminum core PVC insulated PVC inner sheathed steel tape armored PVC outer sheathed cable
YJLV: Aluminum core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed cable
YJLV22: Aluminum core XLPE insulated PVC inner sheathed steel tape armored PVC outer sheathed cable
BLV: Aluminum core PVC wire insulation

AAAC Conductor

Aluminum Alloy Armoured Cable

The conductivity of aluminum alloy cables is 61.8% of copper IACS, but the actual weight is one-third of copper.
Under the same current carrying capacity, the weight of the aluminum alloy cable is half of that of the copper cable, which greatly reduces the cable installation cost and equipment loss.
The aluminum alloy cable makes up for the shortcomings of the aluminum conductor and strengthens the mechanical and chemical properties of the aluminum conductor without losing electrical conductivity. Safer and more reliable to use.

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Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Cable

1. Electrical conductivity. Generally speaking, the conductivity of conductor materials synthesized from several elements will be much worse than before. However, aluminum alloy cables can restore electrical conductivity to the same level as aluminum. Because the production of aluminum alloy adopts advanced technology, the conductivity is relatively intact and retained.
2. High creep resistance. Creep is the shape change of material under the action of long-term forces. The creep resistance of aluminum alloy cables is much stronger than that of aluminum core cables. Strong creep resistance can effectively reduce the possibility of cable joint slackening. Strengthen the connection state of the conductor.
3. Corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy cables is one of its major features. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy conductors is already very good, but the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy cables is better. The aluminum alloy cable material contains some rare earth elements, which can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy. In addition, the strong corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy cable also solves the problem that the joints of aluminum conductors are always subject to electrochemical corrosion.
4. Mechanical properties. Mechanical properties are further divided into three types: tensile strength, bending properties and elasticity.
No.1. Tensile strength. The special manufacturing process of aluminum alloy cable makes its tensile strength higher. The use of aluminum cable will be safer and more reliable.
NO.2. Bending performance. Aluminum alloy cable has excellent bending performance, which can effectively prevent the cable from breaking during installation.
NO.3 Flexibility. Aluminum cable can withstand dozens of bends without breaking, which not only improves the safety of the cable, but also reduces the maintenance cost of the cable.

AAAC Cable
AAAC Cable
AAAC Conductor

Application Areas of Aluminum Alloy Cables

The aluminum conductor can be used in municipal, civil and commercial buildings, hospitals, factories, residences, aerospace, military, papermaking, etc. Aluminum alloy cables cover multiple application areas and have become a large part of the cable manufacturing market share.

Aluminum Alloy Cable vs. Aluminum Conductor

First, the aluminum conductor has different materials: aluminum alloy cable conductor is made of aluminum alloy, code AA 8030, made by special technology.
Secondly, the aluminum conductor is pure aluminum, which is represented by “L” in the model.
Thirdly, different performance: the tensile strength, bending performance, and flexibility of aluminum alloy cable are higher than that of aluminum cable 
Fourth, conductivity: aluminum alloy cables are slightly lower than the pure aluminum conductor.
Fifth, Aluminum cable price: Aluminum alloy cable is 3 times that of aluminum cable, but the price of copper cable is five times that of aluminum core cable. Relatively speaking, aluminum alloy cable is more cost-effective.

About ZMS Cable Manufacturer Company

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Since its establishment, ZMS has been adhering to the concept of the merger of integrity and service and has survived many crises in the cable industry. This is not only proof of the company’s strength but also because of the support of the company’s customers.
Our company focuses on low prices and fast transportation.
ZMS cable company cable is cheap because the equipment used in our factory is the most advanced. This advanced equipment can reduce our production costs, making our prices lower than peers.
The transportation speed of ZMS cable is absolutely in the leading position in the same industry.

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