ZMS Cable Product Types

ZMS cable supplier’s main power cable products. Such as overhead cables, insulated cables, and armored cables. Besides, optical cables, solar cables, submarine cables, and underground cables, etc. You can contact us. And get the fresh price. We can provide you with all kinds of power cables.

SWA Cable

The armored cable is four main types of armored cable. For example, SWA Cable, STA Cable. And AWA Cable, ATA Cable. Armored cable is a special cable. Underground cable lines often use armored cable. And the underground cable must with armor.

The overhead line products. There are many types of overhead cables. For example, AAC, AAAC, ACSR and ACAR, etc. You can see overhead cables in remote areas. And you can also see overhead cables on underdeveloped cities. 

ZMS cable suppliers produce all kinds of power cable. For example, 6~35KV XLPE and PVC insulated power cable. 

The ABC cable products. The ABC cable is a cable erected in the air. And it can transmit electricity efficiently. Because it is not safe and beautiful enough. 

The submarine cable products. Submarine cable is a kind of insulated cable lay on the seabed. And it is mainly used for telecommunications transmission.

The underground cable of power cable products. An underground cable is a cable buried in the ground. Actually, underground cables are usually used in urban areas with dense traffic.
It can improve the safety and reliability of electricity use. By the way, it also can beautify the city and save urban space.

The solar cable of power cable products. Solar cables are a new type of cable. And it was developed by solar technology. It is a green energy technology. So, it meets the requirements of international new energy development. Besides, it is also the main source of electricity for people. And in the future, it is the main current-carrying medium.

The aluminum cable of power cable products. The aluminum conductor is a general term. For aluminum core cable and aluminum alloy cable.
But there is a big difference between aluminum core cable and aluminum alloy cable.
An aluminum core cable refers to a cable made of aluminum as a conductor material.

The optical fiber cable of power cable products. And the optical cable is a wire and cable product. It can transmit information. Besides, it is spread by optical fiber as the transmission medium. Moreover, the optical cable can meet the optical performance. By the way, the inside of the optical cable is not composed of metal. So it has no recycling value.

The insulation of wire and cable of power cable products. Obviously, insulation cable refers to a cable wrapped with a non-conductive material on the outside of the conductor. And most of these materials are resins, plastics. And silicone rubbers, synthetic compounds, ETC. By the way, Insulation can prevent safe accidents. Such as leakage and short circuit caused by contact between the conductor and the outside world.

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