Power Cable

Power Cable

ZMS is a company specializing in power cables. ZMS cable company has a very good reputation both at home and abroad. The annual sales volume is huge and steadily rising. The cable produced by ZMS is of very good quality and the price is not high. The most important thing is that our transportation speed is very fast. And in a leading position in the cable industry in China and the world. We can provide you with cables of various specifications. And our inspection certificates are also very complete.

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Definition of power cable

Power cable is a wire product. So, it often use in transmit electric energy, information and realize electromagnetic energy conversion. It is often used in underground installations, and is the main cable for urban power grids and internal electricity use in industrial and mining enterprises.

Classification of Power Cables

Electrical cable can transmit electricity and information, so it has many classifications.
It can divide into many kinds of cables. Such as insulated cables, shielded cables, and control cables. And fiber optical cables, communication cables, bare cables, armored cables ETC.
According to the material, it can divide into copper core cable and aluminum core cable.
According to the voltage level classification, it can divide into low-voltage cables, medium-voltage cables, and high-voltage cables

Application of Power Cable

The application of power cable is ubiquitous. Because it can not only transmit power but also use to communication.
It has involved in various fields. Such as military, civilian, medical, and chemical plants.

The Structure of the Power Cable

The structure of power cables can be divided into many types. For example, conductor/insulation/external protection.
Or, conductor/shield/insulation/internal protection/armor/outer sheath, etc. According to different usage scenarios, the structure can also be divided into many types.

Seven Ways to Identify Cable Quality

Electric wire
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First of all, see if the information on the certificate is complete.
Secondly, check whether the cable insulation sheath has faded.
Thirdly, scratch the core of the cable with your fingernail to see if there are serious scratches. If there are serious scratches, it is inferior.
Fourth, bend the cable three or four times by hand to see if the insulation layer is still intact.
Fifth, observe whether the color of the core wire is shiny, the color of the core wire of the inferior cable is dark and there is no metallic luster.
Sixth, measure whether the inner diameter of the cable is qualified.
Seventh, ignite the insulating layer to observe whether spontaneous combustion occurs after the open flame disappears. If it occurs, it is inferior.

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Armored Cable

An armored cable is a cable with a layer of armor protection on the outside of the cable.
Armored cables are used in areas or usage scenarios that are extremely vulnerable to natural disasters or external forces.
The armored cable is to protect the stable and reliable operation of the power cable and increase its life. The main purpose of armored cables is to resist mechanical external stress.
There are usually two ways of armoring outer protection, one is steel tape armor and the other is steel wire armor.
Steel tape armoring can help the cable to withstand more radial pressure, and steel tape armoring is often used in environments with high bearing pressure. Such as roads, squares, tunnels, and other places.
Steel wire armor can help the cable to withstand more axial tension. The steel wire armor is wrapped by multiple low-carbon steel wires.
Steel wire armor is mostly used in long-distance transportation or environments with large drops.

Fireproof Cable

Fire-resistant cables are the general term for fire-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables, and fire-resistant cables are special cables.
Fire-resistant cables can not only withstand high temperatures but can also continue to work at high temperatures.
Flame-retardant cables can only withstand high temperatures, but cannot work at high temperatures. Flame-retardant cables mainly play a role in preventing the spread of fire.
In addition, there is also a MICC mineral insulated cable, which is a cable that can work at high temperatures and is flame-retardant. His performance is very good, but the cost is relatively high, and it is mostly used in the mining industry.

Copper Core Cable

As a metal material, copper is often used in cable products because of its low cost, easy availability, and good electrical conductivity. To be precise, more than 80% of the cable products in the world today are made of copper as a conductor.
Copper is the earliest metal used by mankind and has played an important role in the development of mankind.
Copper core cable has good electrical conductivity and large current carrying capacity, making it an excellent cable product.

About ZMS Cable


ZMS company is an electrical wire supplier located in Henan, China.
Since its inception, ZMS has been adhering to the concept of integrity management and service-oriented. This is why the company can run for so long.
ZMS company can produce a variety of cable. And specifications and standards prescribed by various countries. And all of them have undergone strict testing.
ZMS company has been committed to providing customers with higher quality products and the best service on this road and continues to work hard. 

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