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ABC Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable)

ABC Conductor

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Definition of the ABC Cable

The aerial bundled conductor is a kind of overhead cable. The ABC cable is a cable erected in the air, which transmits electricity efficiently. Because it is not safe and beautiful enough. Therefore, in areas with heavy traffic, underground cables replace ABC cables. But it’s cost and low construction, so it’s’ used in remote areas and places with small traffic.

The Role of ABC Cable

With the continuous development and progress of society, the demand for electricity consumption is increasing.
The emergence of overhead cables solves this problem.
ABC cable often use in AC overhead lines with rated voltage rating of 10KV.

ABC Cable Contrast the Bare Wire Overhead Cable

1. Insulation performance is better, external insulation protection, better than the insulation of bare wires
2. Greater corrosion resistance, the presence of external insulation protects the cable and reduce the degree of oxidative corrosion.
3. Anti-mechanical external stress is stronger, except for major disaster weather, rarely appear line failure caused by an external force.
4. Enough strength to meet the design requirements.

Characteristics of the ABC Cable

First, there are three rated voltages: 0.6 / 1kv,10kv,35kv
Secondly, maximum operating temperature for a long time: different insulation maximum work temperature is different, the maximum operating temperature of XLPE insulated overhead cable is 90℃, and maximum temperature of PVC insulated overhead cable is 70℃.
Thirdly, the working temperature shall not be lower than-20℃
Fourth, the maximum operating temperature in the short circuit shall not be greater than 250℃, and the operating length during short circuit shall not exceed 5s
Fifth, the bending radius of a single-core cable shall be 15 times the outer diameter of the cable, and multiple core cable shall be 10 times the outer diameter.

ABC Conductor
ABC Conductor
ABC Conductor
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The Advantages of the ABC Cable

● Easy to set up and detect faults, can be set up anywhere. In special cases, it can even be built on a tree, as long as it is fixed with connecting hardware. Once a fault occurs, it is easy to detect the location of the fault.
● Good safety. Because it is laid in the air, it can effectively reduce electric shock accidents. In addition, it is safe to accidentally touch the insulated surface as long as the insulation is not broken.
● The long-distance power supply is more stable, and the failure rate of ABC cable is 4-6 times lower than that of bare wire.
● High-cost performance. Although the price of the overhead bundled conductor is higher than bare wire, it is much cheaper than underground cable. Its installation cost is not high and the failure rate is low, so it is the most cost-effective product.

The Application Area of the ABC Cable

● Areas with so many trees. ABC cable can be erected on trees, which avoids complex operations such as destroying green plants to build utility poles. This is beautiful and economic, in line with the world protection of environmental development theory.
● For metalworking areas and severe metal pollution areas. In these areas, metal dust floats everywhere. When the metal dust falls on the overhead bare wire, it often causes a short circuit failure. ABC Cable has insulation protection from this contamination, so ABC cable is in use in these areas widely.
● Strong and corrosive environment. In areas with strong corrosion, such as salt fog, bare conductors are susceptible to corrosion, greatly reducing conductor strength. In the strong wind and rain weather, there is a great possibility to cause the line to fracture, and cause accidents. The ABC cable has insulation protection which enhances the cable to corrosion resistance and extends its service life.
● In the old urban reconstruction area, ABC cable is very suitable for the secondary transformation of the old city because of its more efficient current transmission capacity and smaller safe distance
● The aerial bundled conductor can also be used in typhoon-prone areas When the typhoon comes, the overhead bare wire will cause two naked wires to collide due to the strong wind, causing the circuit to fail. The ABC cable is insulated and will not cause a short circuit failure due to wire collision.
● Lightning area. It is safer with ABC cable, because of its insulation protection, the line insulation decreases slowly during thunderstorms and has less chance of lightning lead.

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Five Reasons Why You Have to Choose us

● Fast transportation speed. Our shipping speed and delivery speed are among the best in the industry, delivering the product to you as quickly as you place an order.
● Low product price. Our cable plant uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology that greatly reduces our production costs and is more environmentally friendly. So the ABC cable price we sell will be lower than other companies.
● High quality. We use fine management for the production employees within the factory, and each employee has their own corresponding work in each process link of cable production. Doing this ensures that the quality of the cables we produce is high enough.
● Very low purchase quantity. Our cables not only accept large purchase orders but also meet smaller orders.
● Best after-sales service. No matter where you are, no matter how much your order is, as long as you are our customer, we will give you the most intimate and exquisite service.

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