Armoured Cable

Armoured Cable

AWA Cable

ZMS is a supplier with decades of experience in manufacturing and sales in the cable industry. We produce high-quality armored cables. The cables we manufacture and sell not only meet the specifications and standards of various countries (e.g., USA, UK, Germany, Australia, etc.). And they have also undergone various strict tests. Therefore, the quality of our cables is of very high quality. We have a complete set of test reports for you to check. ZMS cable company has very high quality. And the price is also very good.

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Types of Armoured Cable

The surface of the armored cable has a layer of metal outer sheath.
The metal outer sheath can protect armored cables, strengthen mechanical stress and prevent rats from biting. Enables the cable to provide a more secure and reliable transmission of electric currents.

SWA Cable

SWA cable 
The full name of the SWA armor is the steel wire armoured cable.
The SWA cable is formed in the form of steel wire.
ZMS’s SWA cable is sold around the world and is well received from many countries. If you want to get the fresh price. Please inquiry us!

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STA Cable

STA cable
The full name of the STA cable is the steel type armoured cable.
The STA cable is formed in a form of steel bands.
ZMS’s STA cable has a very good sales volume, and mostly repurchase users. If you want to get the fresh price. Please inquiry us!

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What’s the Difference Between STA and SWA Armored Cable?

Different armoured cable have many difference. Such as, SWA and STA cable.
The biggest difference is that their armor was formed in different ways, with sta composed of banded metal, and swa composed of linear metal.

Other Types of Armoured Cable

The best sales are for 4-core and 3-core SWA cables.
You can ask us for prices for 16 mm 4 core and 10 mm 3 core SWA cables.
Of course, we also have other products.

Advantages of Armoured Cables

1. Increase the service life of the cable.
2. Strengthen the mechanical stress.
3. Prevent the rat bite.
4. Increase the tensile strength of the cable.
5. Armored cable can be grounded to protect the cable.
6. It can resist low-frequency interference.

Armoured Cable Applications

First, areas vulnerable to mechanical damage can use armored cables.
Secondly, areas susceptible of erosion.
Thirdly, laying in the rock areas.
Fourth, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing is also involved.

STA Cable
AWA Cable
SWA Cable

Armoured Cables Structure and Performance

Armored cables structure and performance
Chemical performance: Corrosion resistant.
Fire-resistant performance: According to the different materials of different fire performance is also different, generally with fire performance.
Electrical performance: Power transmission is much more stable and safe.
Mechanical performance: Pressure pressure and tensile resistance are higher, anti-rat biting.
Heat performance: Maximum service temperature: 90℃
Maximum short circuit temperature: 250℃ (5s available at this temperature).

What Problem Did the Invention of Armoured Cables Solve?

The emergence of steel wire armoured cables ensures the electricity safety and electricity stability in special areas.
Using of SWA cable in areas vulnerable to physical damage can reduce human maintenance and maintenance costs.
It is a one-step use policy.

Armoured Cables Specifications

STA Cable
swa cable
Power cable factory

About ZMS Power Cable Company

The ZMS Company has its own factory, and product all kinds of armoured cables.
Our factory adopts global advanced production technology. And it can effectively reduce production costs.
This means our price will be cheaper. So we can give you a nice price.
In addition to the price and quality, perhaps you will also focus on our shipping speed.
Please rest assured that our transportation speed is absolutely in the leading position of the industry.
We will do our best to meet your needs.

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