What are the Functions and Uses of Fire-resistant Cables?

What is the definition of fire-resistant cable?

Fireproof cable is not a single cable, it is a general term for a class of cables. These cables include fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables, mineral-insulated non-combustible cables, etc. As long as the cables have fire resistance, they can be called fire-resistant cables.

What is the structure of fireproof cable?

Most of the structures of fireproof cable consist of a conductor, insulation, shielding, inner protection, armor, outer protection.

The biggest difference between different fire-resistant cables is the different materials used in the insulation and outer protection parts. For example, fire-resistant cables are made of fire-resistant insulation materials, and flame-retardant cables are made of flame-retardant insulation materials.

What is the type of fire-resistant cable?

Fire-resistant cable types are basically fire-resistant cable, flame retardant cable, mineral insulation non-combustible cable in these are three categories.

A Fire-resistant cable is a cable that can continue to work at a high temperature that can be withstood.

Flame-retardant cables are cables that can stop the spread of fire but cannot continue to work when being or burning.

Mineral insulated cable is a combination of the first two and has the best performance. It can both stop the spread of fire and continue to work at high temperatures.

What are the advantages of each type of fire-resistant cable?

The cost of flame retardant cables is low, and most of the fire-resistant cables are used.

The advantage of fire-resistant cables is that they can ensure the continuation of current transmission work even when burning at high temperatures, and can play a role in rescuing important resources’ property, and lives at critical times.

Mineral insulated non-combustible cables not only stop the continued spread of fire, but also ensure that the cable continues to operate under high working temperatures. Mineral insulated non-combustible cables have a maximum fire-resistance rating of between 950 degrees and 1000 degrees.

What are the uses of fire-resistant cables?

Flame-retardant cables are used extensively in chemical companies.

Fire-resistant cables can also be used in chemical companies, and fire-resistant cables can replace flame-retardant cables. But the flame retardant cable cannot work instead of the fire-resistant cable.

Mineral insulated non-combustible cables are mainly used in the coal mining industry and can replace flame-retardant and fire-resistant cables. But because of its high cost, it is generally not used in a big way.

Fire-resistant cable significance

The emergence of fire-resistant cables has enhanced the stability of cable lines working at high temperatures and strengthened the safety of people using electricity.


If a fire occurs, flame retardant cables can only stop the spread of fire and can not continue to transmit current work, fire-resistant cables can continue to transmit current work. But it can not stop the spread of fire, mineral insulated non-combustible cables can not only stop the spread of fire can also continue to transmit current work. ZMS cable company is a professional cable manufacturing and supply company, we are committed to providing the world with high-quality various cable products worldwide.

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