What Do I Need to Pay Attention to When Preheating Wire and Cable Conductors?

Wire and cable are used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy. Information and the realization of electromagnetic energy conversion of wire products. Broadly speaking, wire and cable are also referred to as cable, and narrowly speaking, cable refers to insulated cable. It can be defined as a collection of the following parts: one or more insulated wire cores, and they may have their cladding, total protective layer, and outer sheath, the cable can also have additional conductors without insulation.

We are also aware that wire and cable are everywhere in our lives. Wire and cable in the production process, we often encounter conductors that need to preheat, but the conductor preheating reasons and process parameters are not enough to understand the setting. So, the following ZMS wire and cable factories are to introduce you to the preheating of wire and cable conductors considerations.

First, for the elimination of moisture to preheat, please try to use dry filling fiber material.

Second, under the premise of ensuring the stability of the wire release, let the preheater and the head be as close as possible to avoid heat dissipation. For UL wire, the tensile strength of the insulation is required, and the physical and mechanical properties test is arranged during the first inspection.

Third, when the conductor surface moisture is more serious, should be wiped before entering the preheater to avoid conductor oxidation and produce spots.

Fourth, induction preheating is only for bare conductors, not for insulated cores. When the cable is extruded outside they need to have a certain adhesion requirement, the adhesion of the insulation should be slightly greater than the adhesion of the outside. The preheating temperature is set to assess the adhesion force as a guideline.

Fifth, the preheating temperature is too high, which will cause the filling fiber shrinkage or even carbonization, resulting in lower tensile strength, please pay attention to check. In production debugging, wire break processing, and other abnormal processing, should pay attention to the change of preheating temperature, if necessary, the need to temporarily close the preheater.

The above is the wire and cable conductor preheating need to pay attention to some issues, you all understand? I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more information about the cable, pay attention to ZMS Cable Co.

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